Agroideja intends to create an agricultural center that includes the construction of mini cheese dairy that will be used for the processing of goat milk as one of the primary products of the agricultural center. For the sake of economic and social responsibility, we decided to educate a young technologist, Almina Arijana Gegić, and give her an opportunity to acquire all the necessary knowledge for working and running the future cheese dairy. Education included mentoring of a cheese expert and cheese producer Brigitte Holz, and going to Switzerland for practical training.

Cascharia Muraun is a mini cheese dairy, located in the Alps area ​​Curaglia, where Brigitte Holz is the lead technologist and also a manager of procurement and sales. Her great experience in practice, her theoretical knowledge and selfless sharing of this knowledge, has contributed greatly to the new knowledge of the technologist. A complete procedure of processing, controlling the quality of raw materials and products, as well as selling them, was an integral part of education. In addition to this, it was possible to get acquainted with farmers, talk about milk quality and trust of cheese producers, to attend interviews with potential buyers, see ways of choosing starter cultures as well as selection of recipes. After a couple of joint productions, our technologist was allowed one independent production on the production line, of goat semi-hard cheese, and in her words, this production proves to be a satisfaction for further training.

The cooperation and further education are continuing in March, when our technologist will again visit and produce high quality Cascharia Muraun cheese.